Cakes for Ukraine

This is a past event
There is going to be a community fundraising event in the Methodist Church on Saturday 9th April 2pm – 4pm to raise money to send to the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. It’s called
“Cakes for Ukraine” and is being organised by Suzanne Carr with the support of other individuals and organisations in the village. The focus is a “bonanza” cake stall with afternoon teas, competitions and children’s activities.
The WI, YCA, St John’s Church, Village Hall and Parish Councils are all giving different kinds of support, we at DVB are involved as well.
It would be great if you could help in whatever way you can. Cakes are required – cup cakes, tray bakes, scones ( plain and cheese) and/or cakes that can be easily sliced, savoury items would also be appreciated. Help on the day would be most welcome – there will be a variety of sitting down jobs and well as the “running about” ones! But we also want people to come, buy some cakes, have a go at the competitions and have an opportunity to socialise. If you can spread the word to friends and family that would be a great help.
There is going to be a yellow and blue theme to the event so if people want to bake items that are iced it would be great if the icing could be yellow and blue as these are the colours of the Ukrainian flag. Any baking can be left at the library on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning before 12pm, or brought to the Methodist Church at 1pm. . It would be helpful for Suzanne to know what people are making and what other offers of help are available.
Thank you for your support.