Shadow Puppet Workshops

This is a past event

Join Bluebird Theatre Company for brilliant online interactive Shadow Puppet Workshops hosted by North Yorkshire Libraries.


Over the course of the sessions you’ll learn how to make shadow puppets and a shadow puppet theatre and tell big stories on a little stage!

Bluebirds Theatre CIC will teach you how to make up great stories and great characters so that you can create an amazingly inventive world with tales as tall as you like – but that will still fit on the kitchen table!

It’s lots of fun! You don’t need any prior experience; just collect a few materials from around the house and join in.

If you have these materials available for the first session you’ll have a fun time.

  • Card (preferably black but could be a cereal box
  • A stick (could be a BBQ stick, chopstick or something from a tree)
  • Sellotape
  • Scissors
  • Craft Split pins (not essential but good if you want to make moving limbs)
  • Coloured cellophane (like transparent sweet wrappers)


For session 2 you’ll need a box and white paper/ non stick paper to build your theatre


For session 3 you’ll be using your puppets to tell stories

You’ll get more out of the sessions if you attend all three, but this isn’t essential.


Please contact Claire Thompson for more information.