Jean Raine Memorial Seat

On Monday September 19th, on a cold grey morning, we were delighted to cheer things up by welcoming Jean Raine’s family to dedicate a seat in memory of Jean.  Jean Raine was an creative and talented lady who devoted much time and energy to representing her community at Parish and District Council levels and supporting many ventures that benefitted the communities of East and West Ayton, such as the village hall and library. Jean set up a library in the village hall long before the present library was built and was an enthusiastic supporter of the development of Derwent Valley BRIDGE.  She remained a volunteer until ill health forced her to cut back on her activities.  It was therefore fitting that we should honour her memory at this location. The inscription on the seat says “In memory of Jean Raine, an inspiration to us all” and we hope that her influence will continue to be felt across future years.  Anyone is welcome to use the seat – take the weight off your feet while you wait for the bus, walk the dog or use the library.  Take a break from the hustle and bustle of life, sit back and enjoy the garden!