Roger Osborne Talk

We welcomed Roger Osborne, author of the bestseller ‘The Floating Egg’ with a full house – over 40 people came along on a dark November evening last Thursday (8th November) to hear him explain the richness of our Yorkshire coastline in fossils and evidence of the Jurassic era of geological history.

He pitched his talk skilfully, explaining geology to both the complete layperson with no prior knowledge and to those in the audience who clearly knew their rocks and ancient history! Armed with just a flip chart and lots of coloured pens he amused and informed us about how our landscape reveals the evidence of major climate changes (Ice Ages) in it’s fascinating rocks and water courses.  His obvious intimacy and knowledge of this local area to us brought it home to us how lucky we are to live in such a geological rich area of England.

After refreshments and selling some of his books which will make excellent Christmas presents, Roger patiently answered some simple and some more complex questions from the audience.  Reading some of the feedback we received on the forms we give out at every Talk everyone appreciated and enjoyed this evening very much.  One said he “made the complex plain and gave a dynamic and interesting delivery – Thank-you!”

We don’t have a Talk booked for December, but pop into the library for your ticket to listen to David Hutchinson on 10th January all about Biochar which most of us haven’t heard of but, as he will enlighten us about its importance because, and I quote him here “Biochar is the best thing we have to address climate change and I will tell you how YOU can do your bit”.