Thank You

Thanks go to Mr Michael Cooper for a very entertaining evening of Flanders and Swann songs.

The people who turned up on Thursday evening, 12th April, to listen to the very talented Michael Cooper, were entertained with some of Flanders and Swann’s better known songs and some of the lesser known ones of too.  We were transported back to our younger days by the London Transport, diesel engine, ninety-seven horsepower omnibus, to be re-introduced to the Gas Man, the Gnu, the Armadillo and the Sloth to name but a few.

Everyone enjoyed chance to join in with the more familiar chorus lines and at the end of the evening we all were raising our voices in the ‘haunting refrain’ of ‘ Mud, mud, glorious mud’.

Next month’s talk is by Lynne Watson who will tell us about her work in libraries.

The talk called ‘Adventures of a Librarian’ is on 10th May from 7pm – 9pm